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27 May 2024


Ecotec tuning png 

  1. Speed Limiter Removed
  2. Air Fuel Ratio adjusted for better performance.
  3. Timing Calibrated for Premium Grade Fuel. (91+ octane).
  4. Low end torque and fuel economy improved by optimizing timing and boost.
  5. Boost level raised from 16psi to 21psi
  6. Retains factory “Competition Mode”
  7. Optimized Air/Fuel Ratio for increased boost levels.
  8. Drastic reduction in turbo lag (almost instantaneous 21psi Boost!)
  9. No substantial noise increase over stock tuning
  10. Removes the Factory "Learndown" feature found in the LNF ECM.
  11. *NEW* Automatic Transmission equipped cars now have Full Throttle Shift points raised to 6,500 RPM.
  12. *NEW* Automatic Transmission shift time reduced by 0.25 seconds per gear change.

Stock Wheel HP / TQ : 220 / 235

Stage 1 Wheel HP / TQ: 265 / 295


Read more: Stage 1 2.0L (Turbo) ECM Tune

399.00  USD
250.00  USD