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27 May 2024
 footwell    footwell 2

Ever wonder why GM did not install foot well lighting standard from the factory…so did we! Introducing our Ultimate Foot Well lighting kit… it’s light years ahead of anything that GM would come up with… Our kits come pre-wired for easy installation with application specific install instructions. Can’t decide what color to go with? Don’t! our Kit includes a control module that after you install the kit you can choose one of 7 different colors (Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Teal, and White)…and you can even change the color as your mood changes…or just mess with your friends and have a different color each time they see your Cobalt! Kit includes:

2ea         Ultra-Bright LED modules (each with 6 tri-chip LED’s)

1ea         Micro Color Controller (pre-wired)

2ea         Pre-Wired Cable’s

                Zip-ties and Instructions

99.00  USD
65.00  USD