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13 April 2024
 Wilwood 2 Wilwood 3   Wilwood 1

Designed for those who want the features and stopping power of a big brake kit without the enormous price tag that goes with it! Our (Front) Street Race kit features 6 piston aluminum Wilwood Calipers, these calipers are 60% lighter than the stock cast calipers and have 40% more grip or stopping force. We include a set of steel braided brake lines which other companies charge extra for. Each kit includes a set of Semi Metallic pads that works better under extreme temperatures thus fighting “Brake Fade”. Our Street race kit is designed to work with your factory Rotors, though we recommend the available Drilled and Slotted rotors for best results. Calipers are available in Wilwood Red or Brilliant Black

1499.00  USD
925.00  USD