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13 April 2024

Does your Solstice overheat or maybe you want to just upgrade that wimpy factory radiator??

Our Race Ready radiators are specifically built for the Pontiac Solstice, each unit offers 2.5X the cooling capacity over the factory unit.. we have put these units in our Club racers here in the southwest where track temperatures can reach 118deg F. and they see 190deg Engine Coolant Temps!

 rsz cimg1702  rsz cimg1705 rsz 1cimg1703 

1)      All aluminum construction.

2)      Dual 1" Cores

3)      2 ½ times the volume of the factory radiator...

4)      Made in the USA!

5) Two versions available to meet your requirements.

Race Ready version offers some flexibility with the installation, perfect for custom applications.

Our Street Ready version offers the convenience of a 100% drop in replacement.

Automatic Transmissions require an external Trans-Cooler email us for more info

699.00  USD
400.00  USD
 x500PDX1600-f mt  Solstice   Sky S 488e6c982d009 images 

Did you purchase a SKY without the “Monsoon” Audio package? Or maybe you have the upgraded package but it’s still just not enough… we’ll we have solved that problem with our 600watt Subwoofer package. At the core of this kit is a subwoofer enclosure that is equivalent to the factory OEM unit and is guaranteed to drop into the factory location with no issues. The “Thump” is produced by a competition kicker subwoofer powered by a 600 Watt Class D mono-block 100% Digital Alpine Amplifier. Our kit included all the necessary wiring to perform the installation.. Though this can be installed in your home garage we do recommend professional installation if you are not 100% comfortable with aftermarket audio components.

Note: if you have the factory monsoon Subwoofer and are upgrading, we will refund you a $100 Core fee upon the return of your factory enclosure.

799.00  USD
650.00  USD


Every roadster owner should have a Wind Restrictor! Why you ask…Do you love driving top down, just hate that annoying wind that comes back through into the cockpit via the back of the roadster??? What about lowering the road noise so that you can enjoy the tunes without having to crank it up…want to make a personal statement??? Then this is a must have item for you!

Read more: Roadster Wind Restrictor Ver.2

146.00  USD
139.00  USD
 skyf1  skyf2

Turn any B&W image into your new custom front emblem on your SKY Roadster! New Custom badge is fitted to new OEM GM Parts to ensure an exact fitment...Make that front worn part look as good as the day your roadster rolled off the show room floor!

Add the 3 piece re-badge kit and save money as a package!

189.00  USD
125.00  USD
 b-on yellow  3badge


Optional Front Badge Kit Shown Here

Replace those factory "Saturn" badges with your own personal logo's... see the pictures above as an example, we can convert any B&W image into your new badges.. this 3 piece kit incudes two (2) square badges to replace the waterfall panel and rear bumper badges and one (1) round badge for the center of the steerning wheel.

Add the front badge and save $$$ as a package!

Availabe in Brushed Nickle or Black Acrylic finish's

199.00  USD
79.00  USD