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13 April 2024
 rsz 20140122 173250

Do you have a 2006 - 2009 Solstice or SKY... Did you buy the base model and found out that it only had 171hp (thats a lacking 151 Wheel HP)... Wish you had bought the Turbo GXP / Redline??? Worry no more, our RPM-S2 (Stage 2) turbo kit will in short convert your Stock 2.4L LE5 to a Turbo Charged beast that will be sure to keep up with those GXP’s & Redlines!

This kit was engineered for ease of install, in fact the install is so simple it takes less than 10 hours to perform. No need to worry if you’re not mechanically inclined, again this kit installs almost as if it was made by GM specifically for your car! Unlike other aftermarket turbo kits on the market that requires you to cut here…drill there.. This kit will go in flawlessly..

 20131223 120431  

Boost your Kappa from 151WHP up 280WHP!

 Included with our kit:

"NEW" K04 Turbo Charger

"New" Turbo Manifold with OEM Gasket

Alluminum Intercooler

Coolant X-Over Pipe

Turbo Water Cooling Lines

Vacuum Lines & Tee


 K04 Oil return Lines

RPM Custom Charge Piping (GM Paint Code Matching)

New RPM Cold Air Intake

RPM Catless Down Pipe

42LB Fuel Injectors

Silicone couplers & T-Bolt Clamps

RPM 2.4L Turbo Tune

 Turbo 1

Call us if you have any questions, we are dedicated to the continued support of our clients, we are available for cunsulting

Monday - Friday 8am - 6pm Mtn




This Base kit will start you off with 7-8psi of boost that will take your Base Dyno of 151 Wheel HP to around 235 HP / 252 TQ... With the optional Boost controller you can turn up the boost to 11+ psi and make a jaw dropping 280-300 HP… Also the Borgwarner K04 turbocharger has a low RPM response for ultra quick spool times!

The use of Certified OE GM Parts allows you as an owner to take this build to your local GM Service tech center and order replacement parts for years to come… or simply call use as we are here to help, also for years to come!

Please note that all turbo kits are built on an order by order basis and delivery times may vary based on shop work load. Average delivery time is usually with in 14days of origenal order, if longer you will be notified at the time of your order.

All tunes are deliverd via our in home V-Tuner network...sit back and let our master tuners take control of your car by remote and leave you with a fully custom tune built just for your car...not a lacking Canned tune like other companied offer with there kits!

Shipping outside the State of Arizona will be billed seperatly due to weights involved.

3800.00  USD
3100.00  USD