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25 May 2022


How is our performance tune different from other tuning on the market…it’s simple.. Other tuning companies simply re-sell a tune that was developed on someone else’s car most likely years in advance. They do not take into account for anything specific on your particular car. These are also known as Canned Tunes

We deliver all of our tunes in the comfort of your own home via our V-tuner service… How does this make us different…well to start you do not need to leave your home to get your car tuned…, we send you our V-Tuner device which acts as a bridge between our Master tuner here in Arizona and your car where ever it might be in the world via the internet. After you have set up the V-Tuner on your car (Anyone can do this) you simply call our toll free number and our master tuner not only takes control of your car by remote but he will “live” tune your car with a tune program wrote specifically for your car! Got a cold air intake…No problem we’ll build that into the programing…Have a Hi-Flow Catalytic Converter …no problem we’ll get the most from your bolt on modifications because we never sell other peoples tunes over and over. Every tune we do is custom built to the specific vehicle it’s going on… and that’s what makes us the industry leader in performance tuning!

Ecotec Tuning has been tuning GM’s Ecotec platform for over 10 years with 1000’s of cars in our portfolio.

We also recommend either a Hi-Flow Catalytic Converter or a CAT Delete kit for best results and maximum HP gains.

Note: V-tuner equipment is to be returned after re-programing is complete. V-tuner service is available to future

350.00  USD
200.00  USD